COVID-19 Update

Dear Chevy Chase Community, we have received a waiver to operate until 31 December 2020

Note: We love bringing pop-up vendors to the market. Please follow market Instagram @chevychasefarmersmarket to see the latest in our pop-up series.

*Volunteers to man our entry and exit points are welcome*

We are required to make some major adjustments to the way we operate notably:

  1. Only 1 entry point to the market is allowed (by the waffles stand) and only 1 exit point (by the fruit stand) is allowed. If you enter and immediately turn right, you need to exit the market and re-enter again to maintain the traffic flow.
  2. No pets are allowed.
  3. Customers are to practice social distancing at all times and use the opportunity to visit the market for grab and go only.
  4. Masks or some form of face-nose coverings are required.
  5. The three entry and exit points to the market will be closely monitored.
  6. We will be providing hand sanitizers.
  7. No touching of any food is allowed prior to purchase.

How you can help?

  1. Pre-order with EvenStar Farms (CSA members), Thornton River Orchard for pick up at the market.
  2. Pre-order with Groffs Content Farm on their website or by downloading their android app and pick-up at the market.
  3. Pre-order with TrishtanFoods and pick up at the market . A weekly menu will be published on their website to make your selection easier.
  4. Pre-order with Rustiq Bakery on their website and pickup at the market.
  5. Le-Caprices de Joelle is offering a weekly menu of their frozen items. Please email them at for details. Free delivery after Saturday’s market on all orders above $60.00 and $10.00 delivery fee if under $60.00. Pick up available at the market.
  6. Pre-order with Cold Country Salmon on their website and pickup at the market.
  7. Pre-order with Cheese Goatees on their Facebook page using messenger and pick-up at the market.
  8. Pre-order with Authentic Superfoods and pick up at the market.
  9. All our vendors accept credit card payments. For the time being, consider paying for your purchases via credit card (we have contact less options). If paying by cash, please vendor exact change.

We have always considered ourselves as being the community hangout, “where neighbors meet neighbors”. We promise to be “that place” again as soon as this health crisis is behind us.

Thank you, for your support.